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University of Guelph
SOC 2080
Anthony Winson

Pseudo Food Companies products that go through very little levels of transformation such as fluid milk eggs and flour and tomato paste have thin profit marginssome are sold below cost as loss leaders to attract customers to the store in Canada the snack food industry has grown more than the entire food industryas a whole corporate concentration occurs wpseudo foods bc only a small group of companies control the whole sectorspatial colonization occurs bc these products are places at eye level for customers physical availability low profit items ie milk are placed at the back of the stores so ppl are forced to go through the entire building products they want ppl to purchase are placed at eye level or they have special displays for themWhat Could Go Wrong A Partial ListThings that can go wrong wgene engineering 1 Code Scramblerscan rearrange the RNA code in many ways creating different proteins 2 Hitchhikers the effect of a particular protein on a plantanimal can be modified by additional molecules of phosphate sulfate sugarslipids 3 Chaperones a proteins shape determines its function some proteins like to become missfolded andtherefore remain biochemically inactive this can cause it
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