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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Summary (First half only)

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SOC 2280
Mark Juhasz

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Chapter 7 Summary (Part 1 ) Sustainability sustainable development - inventing ways of meeting human needs while preserving the capacity of the biophysical environment to do so -people believe that we have already exceeded earth's carrying capacity -five sociological bodies of research that contribute to understanding sustainability 1. time horizons 2. risk analysis 3. public realms 4. private realms 5. social change Contextualizing the Human Impact Again --driving forces of environmental change 1. population size and growth 2. political economies that stimulate growth 3. cultural values and belief systems 4. technology - I = PAT model as a research tool -important b/c it incorporates the major human driving forces of change Affluence/Social Inequality and Environment -"affluence" the A in "I = PAT -it is the consequence of the operation of more basic human system components Social Inequity, Stratification and Environment -three dimension for stratification apply 1. economic inequality 2. racial and ethnic inequality 3. inequalities among nations -the gap between rich and poor was smilers in the past and has now become a large gap "The rich get richer and the poor become poorer" -in U.S.A more than half a million in 1988 lived in shelters and used soup kitchens -this imposes that the environmental impacts different people in different ways -environment is a social justice issue \ -percentage of people living in poverty in the 1960's is about the same as today (about 20%) -growing social inequality makes sustainabilit
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