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Social Deviance notes

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Social Deviance Week 6 Violent Crime Crime and Deviance Overlap Violenceif a crime has no stigma attached then criminal is is forcecoercion without consentnot regarded as a deviantwe are inherently ambivalent about it it is for both the label excon is a stigma many victims of heroes and villainsviolent crime also feel trauma and shame and dont want other people to knowmovies glamourize it jargon normalizes it collateral damage and some wear military much stigma for violent and primal crimes but not camouflagefor property and statutory crimes ie gamblingtradingviolence is usually towards others but there is also selfharmsuicide slashingsome kinds of criminals are seen as more deviant than others men often describe it as gaining control women as losing itRobbery 1Robbery 2theft with victim present and threat of harmstreet culture upholds violent crime robbery is very useful index crimeseen as more macho than theftsome robbers not deviant like Robin Hoodmore likely in urban areas because of anonymitya lot of robbery is for drug moneyfast living though they say they need moneyless likely to be harmed if robber had gun but most likely to be killed Least likely to be harmed orRobbery can also be intrinsically pleasurablekilled if victim had gunmost likely to be harmed if victim is defenseless robbers often prepare themselves getting high but resistsdrinking or listening to loud musicto turn off fear and remorserobbery victims less likely to know assailants then murder or assault victimsrobbery can lead to rape or felony murderif robbersvictims more likely Black it is in part home invasion latest robbery trendbecause Blacks are on average younger and more urban and possibly live in areas with more gun control OpportunitiesDecisions IOpportunitiesDecisions IIburglary is a predatory crime of opportunity somebody suggests burglary or to go out and look spontaneous but a product of a series of decisionsfor moneya keynoteyoung men hanging out then those with jobs go a burglary starts with opportunity though not all homemembers of group have openly agreed to participateremainder drink smoke drugs boast show off they love the feeling that anything might happencriminal paraphernalia those uncomfortable go of feeling predatorial and impulsivehomeauthors call process as incremental signalingremainder agree they need money in a hurrytelling each other in stages what kind of guys they are and their intentions
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