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Chapter 2

chapter 2 and 14

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

Criminological Theory Chapter 214The Positivist School Criminal as DeterminedSignificant difference between classical and positivist positivist searches for empirical facts and the idea that crime is determine by multiple factorsEarly positivists crime caused by features within the mind and body somewhat neglected social factors The birth of positivist school Lombrosos theory of the criminal mano father of modern criminologyo Looked for biological explanations of behavior and believed criminals represent a form of degeneracy manifested in physical characteristics that are reflective of early forms of evolutiono Atavistic twisted noses long arms receding chins sloping foreheads abnormal ears etc These characteristic were thought to be predominant in criminalso 4 categoriesy Born criminals people with atavistic characteristicsy Insane criminals idiots imbeciles epileptics and alcoholicsy Occasionalcriminaloids
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