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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Summary (15-22; rdg for Jan17)

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

thCHAPTER 2 SUMMARY Jan 17 1522 o Bennett used the term crimewarps to refer to the bends in todays trends tat will affect the way we live tomorrow Her thesis was essentially that much of what we have come to regard as basic demographic features of our societys population and crime trends are changing dramatically The crimewarps represent a set of major social transformations She identified six crimewarps Eg 1 the new criminalrefers to the fact that todays traditional criminal is a poor uneducated young make By relying on demographic information and dramatic news of current crimes Bennett argued that traditional criminals will be displaced by older more upscale offenders including more women involved in whitecollar crime and domestic violence teenagers committing fewer crimes and senior citizens entering the crime sceneDemonstrates how difficult it is to make longterm crime trend predictions Writers and ideas are limited to the time and place in which they live Thus it is impossible to understand criminological theory outside of its social context Spiritualism o Spiritualism stressed the conflict between absolute good and absolute evil People who committed crimes were thought to be possessed by evil spiri
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