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Chapter 13

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Rob Shearer

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Chapter 13 Murder as Hate Crimes Hate Crime: when the motivation to do a crime is hatred, bias, prejudice, based on the actual or perceived race, colour, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation of another or group of individuals  Key is not out of hatred of the victim but that the crime against him or her is committed of prejudice toward the group the offender presents Data on Hate Crime  1990 – George H. Bush signed the Hate Crime Statistics Act; mandated hate crimes data be collected on hate crimes across the U.S (pg 230 for stats)  hate crimes most likely to occur at the victims residence or in an open space regardless of bias motivation  most common weapons were the offenders hands and feet  majority of offences motivated by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability bias are violent offences – in particular assault  majority of religiously based hate crimes are property offences and vandalism  those older than 40 years are usually victims of religious biased and disability hate crimes  those 18 and over are victims of race and ethnicity crimes ( 25-29 are most common)  for the FBI to record a crime as a hate crime, the investigation of the crime must lead to evidence that supports that the crime was biased motivated o comments made by the offender his written statements or the gestures used at the time of the crime may all be used as evidence that a crime was a hate crime Hate Crime Legislation Justification and Controversy  most hate crime statutes mandate the counting of hate crimes or the addition of sentencing enhancements for hate crimes or both  although only small fraction of crime sin the U.S are categorized as hate crime, crimes motivated by bigotry are particularly dangerous and socially disruptive  affect not only the individual victim but the group to which they belong  they serve as a means to terrorize entre groups of people Historical Cases of Hate Crime Murders  pg. 233-234 Race, Hate Crime, And Murder  racial hate crime is the most common type of hate crime  African Americans are the most targeted racial group, followed by whites, Asian pacific Americans, multiracial groups and native Americans and Alaskan native Ethnicity/National Origin, Hate Crime, and Murder  Hate crime offenders may be nativists who seek out ethnic minorities to victimize because they believe them to be immigrants who are taking away opportunities from Americans  Might strike out against them since they see them as being different – negative stereotype sin society usually fuel these hate crimes Religion, Hate Crime & Murder  Much of the hate crime involves property damage including vandalism, such as defacing properties with swastikas  Most U.S religious attacks are aimed at Jew – however after 911 the attacks on Muslims has increased Sexual Orientation, Hate Crime & Murder  Some argue that by including sexual orientation as a category of hate crime would give gay men and lesbians special rights – and if this happens some believe that this will help legitimize homosexual behaviour, which they believe is wrong  Anti-gay violence is ranked as third most frequent form of hate crime
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