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Chapter 16

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University of Guelph
SOC 2760
Rob Shearer

Chapter 16: The Impact of Homicide (5 questions) Homicide Survivors •Homicide survivors or co-victims: family members and friends of murder victims •There are unique problems faced by those whose loves ones are murdered • Experience deeper and longer lasting trauma, anger, invasion of privacy, stigma, isolation • Commonly suffer PTSD • Physical Symptoms include: headaches, sleep disorders, loss of appetite etc. • Interpersonal relationships are often affected as well • Extrapersonal losses include loss of income, home, social status Murder Site Clean-up • If the murder occurred in the survivors/victim’s home, the survivor will be responsible for arranging the clean-up and paying for the service Survivors and the Criminal Justice System • Crimes in the United States are views as crimes against the state instead of crimes against individual victims. • This makes the victim’s role peripheral • Interactions with the criminal justice system leave survivors feeling powerless • Plea bargaining, not-guilty verdicts, reduced sentences add to the feelings of helplessness and lack of control Victim’s Rights Movements • During the 1970s the US Victim’s rights movement started • Demanded that the criminal justice system pay attention to victims and seebeyond the state in criminal proceedings • 1984: Victims of CrimeAct, provides funding for victim assistance programs andstate victim compensation Victim Assistance Programs • Instituted to provide a better experience for crime victims and witnesses in the criminal justice system • Victim’s are more likely to be updated in the case • Victims are informed of compensation and counselling that is available to them Federal Rights of Victims: • The right to reasonable protection from the accused • The right to notices of public court and parole proceedings involving the crime and noticed is the accused is released or escapes • The right to be included in any public court proceeding unless the court determines that the victims testimony would be materially altered if he/she attends the proceedings • The right to speak at any public proceeding about the release, plea, sentencing or parole of the accused. • The right to talk to the Government’s attorney about the case • The right to the timely payment of any restitution as provided by law • The right to reasonable speedy proceedings • The right to privacy and fair, respectful and dignified treatment Laura’s Law • Laura’s Law (Ohio House Bill 15) mandates that upcoming parole hearings are made public by posting them on an internet site open to the community Victim Compensation • Victim Compensation funds provide financial reimbursement to victims for the losses they incurred during a crime • Originally established to provide monetary assistance to victims in need • Today victims are considered deserving of funds simply because they are victims • Typically, murder victim’s are given compensation because they are said to be victim to emotional trauma • Also used for funeral costs, crime scene clean-up, mental hea
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