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Chapter 8

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SOC 2760
Rob Shearer

Davies Chapter 8: ­ Before 1974 husband assaulting his wife = misdemeanor o Considered a private matter ­ 1980’s feminists brought the issue forward publicly ­ Intimate partner homicide: the killing of a victim by an offender who is either currently or was formerly in a sexual relationship with the victim o Includes: married and unmarried, heterosexual and same-sex couples ­ Uxoride: wife killing o Leaves out killing of former wives, homicides of those in de facto marital relationships and the killing of males by their wives or other sexual partners ­ Spousal homicide; leaves out de facto marital relationships (common law, same sex and former spouses) ­ Domestic homicide; good for any sexually involved couples who are living together (confused with types of homicide that occurs within a family) ­ Research suggests differences between ever-married couples and never-married couples ­ Nearly 1/3 of female homicide victims and only 5% of male homicide victims are killed by their intimate partners ­ Men in the US killed their female intimate partners approximately 3.5x more often than women killed their male intimate partners ­ Risk for homicide is greater for non-married couples o In the US the risk of intimate partner homicide for men in cohabitating relationships is 10x greater than the risk for married men ­ Intimate partner homicides highest rate with African Americans o Next, Native Americans; whites; Asians (lowest) o African American males at greatest risk, then African Amercan females, American Indian females, American Indian males, white and Asian females and then white and Asian males ­ Both victims and offenders are usually older than typical homicide cases o Men involved in intimate partner homicides are older on average than the women who are killed o Most at risk from late 30’s to 50’s (men) o Most at risk from 20’s to 50’s (women) ­ Peak offender age for males: 35 to 39 ­ Peak offender age for African American women: 25 to 29 ­ Greater age difference between couples = greater risk for homicide than those close in age o Women are more likely to be killed when married to older men than those the same age or younger ­ Non-demographic factors: previous violence or abuse, use of illicit drugs and alcohol use ­ Box 8.1: o SROK: Sex ratio of intimate killings o SROK was considerably closer than overall ratio of female killing to male killing  In US number of women who kill their intimate partners are more equal to the number of men who kill their partners  About 60 to 70 women kill partners for every 100 men who kill ­ 1976 – 2000; 68% drop in US intimate partner homicides o Less dramatic decline in number of females killed by their partners o Number of females killed by partners still remains higher ­ Intimate partner homicide is not uncommon in other countries o 22% of homicides in Australia o 1 in 5 homicides in Canada o 10% of homicides in US o Ontario 94% intimate partner homicides by men ­ Box 8.2: o Dowry Death: the killing of a woman by her husband (and/or his family) when her family refuses (or cannot) pay the dowry demanded by the husband and his family  Dowry: customary payment of cash and goods paid to the husband’s family by the woman’s family  Continuation of payments through the first several years of marriage – “compensation for the cost of maintaining an economically unproductive human being” o Dowry prohibition act; made dowry deaths illegal in India o “Bride Burning” is so common in some parts of India that the burn unit in one Indian hospital reports admitting between 2 to 5 new bride burning cases each day ­ Women in the US are more likely to be killed by intimate partners than any other type of murderer ­ Intimate partner homicides (including women killing male partner) often linked to partner abuse committed by males o Focus on domestic violence ­ Most intimate partner homicides involved one offender and one victim o Small number of individuals who kill their partners also kill one or more of their children and/or themselves in case of homicide-suicide ­ It is extremely rare for a woman to kill her partner as an end to a long cycle of violence that she has perpetrated against her partner o Men often batter their partners for years before killing them o Most male perpetrators kill their partners in situations where the men are trying to control their intimate partner ­ Men are far more likely to kill an estranged partner o When men find out their partner has been cheating on them they are more likely to commit a double homicide of pa
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