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Mass, Spree and Serial Murder Notes

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SOC 2760
Rob Shearer

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Mass and spree murder are both types of multiple murder o 3mass murder some count as spree o Key to determining is by knowing when a homicide incidentevent began and ended MASS MURDERLevin and Fox say mass murder has 4 victims more common defn is killing of 3 victims as part of a single ongoing event o Dietz3 categories family annihilators pseudocommandos and setandrun killers Family Annihilatorskill whole fam and sometimes themselves in one incident in the homePsuedoCommandos obsessed with weapons bring ample supply to complete their massacre not impulse carefully pick place where ppl can be killed fast usually kill themselves or get cops to Setandrun killers bombingpoisoning to allow time to escapeo Holmesinclude disciple disgruntled employees disgruntled citizens and psychotic mass murdersDisciple kill bc trying to gain acceptance from a leader usually dont know victims chosen by leader Disgruntled employees current employees unhappy about something at work or fired employees returned to retaliate against those who treated them wrongly often others killed in rampageDisgruntled Citizen expressed anger and rage by killing others similar to employee killer angry at world not specific individuals kill strangers to bring attention to wrong they believe needs to be addressedPsychotic break w reality likely hear voiceshave vi
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