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Chapter 9

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SOC 3340
Victor Ujimoto

Chapter 9 – the Sociology of Teaching Introduction: the Paradoxes of Teaching in a Schooled Society  Schooled societies give high priority to education  Large occupation devoted to instruction  Teaching – one of the larges occupations in Canada  Single most likely career for educated women  Before 1960s – teaching was not a particularly high-status job  Desired a universal system to  Democratically uplift’ the populace  Core mandate of 19 century public school teaching was dominated by the need to shape the character of the next generation more than the need to pass on esoteric knowledge  1960s – conditions for teachers improved  governments directing millions of dollars to modernize schools, teaching upgraded as an occupation  governments began to require teachers to obtain a university degree and insist hat that teaching without degrees much work towards getting one  teachers became more specialized  teacher pay raised  benefited female teachers in particular  teaching is a gendered occupation, but women’s numerical dominance has fluctuated over time  gendered composition of teachers take a U-shaped patterns  1920s – women had 80% of jobs  1960-80s men grew to almost 50%  2005-6 – 71% women  modern organization of teaching protected women from pressures that spoil women’s status in other occupations  past decade has witnessed many challenges to teachers’ authority  reforms to promote accountability through standardized testing and curricula and school rankings have been implemented despite strong opposition from teachers  parents and government less deferential towards teachers  paradoxes: o schooled society has raised its status while at the same time subjecting it to greater critical scrutiny o politicians continue to pour monies into education, they are more likely to challenge teachers’ authority Teaching and the Sociology of Professions  traits and prociesses  jurisdictions  logics of control Traits and Processes: Upgrading the Profession  examine how some occupations pursue strategies and acquire characteristics that give them power, prestige and control over their work  professionalization: process by which lower-status occupations mimic the classic professions in order to raise their collective standing o organizing a professional association to serve as a collect
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