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Chapter 9

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University of Guelph
SOC 3750
Bill O' Grady

Chapter 9 Issues of substance abuse and related crime in adolescence  Canadians rank in the top 50 in the world in alcohol consumption  substance abuse- excessive, unhealthy use of a substance such as alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs  early prevention can prevent future harm and cost  drugsnot4me - drug campaign in Canada targeting youth Substance Abuse among Canadian Youth  arguably at epidemic level  use has decreased among youth in recent years  the majority of youth do not report bad drug behaviours  the only drugs that had a rate of life time use greater than 10% was prescription drugs Alcohol Use  most common substance used by youth Tobacco use  youth that are continuous smokers generally have had their first at 15 or younger Illicit drug use  exception of marijuana - not very common  26% admitted to using marijuana  experimentation occurs in adolescence, but the majority of illicit drug use occurs later in life Inherent Challenges of measuring Adolescence drug use  street involved youth - a heterogeneous population of youth between ages 12 and 24 who lack adequate shelter and are considered to live outside the mainstream youth population  these youth are not usually included in drug use surveys - only kids attending school  focusing only on mainstream youth may be ineffective because most of the susceptibility lies within most at risk populations Reasons youth use drugs and alcohol For pleasure  youth associate drugs with pleasurable social experiences As a result of peer pressure  youths hold inaccurate views on their peers drug use, and can then take part because they are trying to fit in  believe not taking part would be more socially detrimental  it may influence a youth trying drugs or alcohol, but the interplay between social and personal choices becomes more complex when youth decide whether or not to continue - doesn't necessarily lead to continued use As a means of coping  can result in continued use - person might try it, get excitement, but simply use it to cope with life stressors Potential Negative effects of adolescence substance abuse consequences of impairment  accidents and self induced injuries were among the most common causes of alcohol and illegal drug related hospital visits and death in Canada  not that large for youth = under 1% - gets bigger as you age General Health Risks  depending on the type of substance, and the method of administration (how it enters the body) - substance abuse can have serious health effects  death - 8000ish for alcohol, 1700 for illegal drugs, and 37 000 for tobacco  smoking usually leads to issues with the lungs  it's important to make note of which methods are more dangerous Psychological health risks  adolescences brains may be more vulnerable because they are still developing  early substance abusers may be more vulnerable to early onset long term cognitive impairment, mental illness, and addiction  psychosis was the most common causes of psychiatric hospitalization  drug users may be at a higher risk of psychosis  higher levels of co-morbidity of substance abuse and mental health problems have been found in adolescences, similar to the numbers found in adults Addiction  only 8.8 % of aged 15 and over are considered probably or highly probable for alcohol dependence  and only 0.8 were considered dependent for illicit drugs  lots of stigma in drug addiction Adolescent substance abuse and the link to criminal behaviour  tobacco smoking is most common among offender populations  more than half of offenders were intoxicated by illicit drugs, alcohol, or both during the commission of the most serious crimes  the vast majority that use drugs and alcohol do not become involv
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