SOC 3750 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Capitalism, Equal Opportunity, Social Control

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Chapter 2
Criminal laws: denitions that are deemed to be important enough for society to join
with the victim in the ocial reaction against the oender
Police are expected to
- Prevent and control behaviour that threatens life and property
- Help individuals in danger of physical harm
- Maintain the orderly movement of people and vehicles
- Help those who have diculty taking care of themselves
- Reduce/resolve people con%ict
- Contribute to a feeling of safety and security for society
Values: abstract standards that cultures use to communicate to members what is
ideally expected of them
Norms: the rules and expectations by which society instructs and directs the
behaviour of individual members
Values, beliefs, norms, deviance, and crime
- Movies depict police as people who only catch “bad guys”
oThis is what societies ideal is
- Values are derived from the culture of a society
- 10 values of north American culture
oEqual opportunity
oAchievement and success
oMaterial comfort
oAcitivity and work
oPracticality and eciency
oDemocracy and free enterprise
oRacism and group superiority
(not an exclusive list)
Beliefs: explicit and concrete statements that members of a society accept as true
- Based on the former
- Ex. The belief that police should not intrude too much into private aairs
Folkways: minor or less important norms
- Norms related to how to greet people
- Norm that it’s rude to interrupt someone
Mores: Major or
important norms
- Norms related to sexuality
Deviance: behaviour that violates both folkways and mores
- Folkways are normally dealt with informally (ignoring people)
- Mores are dealt with professionally
Crime: acts as deviance that violates criminal laws
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