SOC 3750 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Sociological Perspectives, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Elite Police

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Chapter 3 (37-45)
Social Institutions
A set of well established, widely held rules and procedures that a prescribed
for meeting important needs in a society and as a result pattern social
relationships and interaction
Institution of family is generally designed for this—bringing up social norms
Each society has to provide for teaching its new generation of members the
history, culture and way of life of that society as well as trining them for
future work, this is Educatioin
Each society will have to make sure that needed goods and services are
prodiced and distributed and that workers who will contribute to this end
through their labour are integrated into relevant occupations- economy
The question of power and its existence in terms of who will play leadership
roles at various levels of society and how they are selected and replaced—
govenrment or polity
Every society is !aced with certain residaual questions that are important to
its members –relgiion
Big $ve of social instituions: family, education, economy, government and
Three points need to be made bout social institutions:
1. Although they are unobservable and only dimly perceived, the social
institutions of a society exert an enormous impact on our behaviour
by specifying how to go about doing what needs to be done in our
2. Institutions are our main sources of information regarding the values
that we carry around within ourselves
3. Since social institutions have developed and existed in the
predominant current forms over long periods of time, they generally
tend to be conservative in nature—lots of weight placed on the way
things were, the way things are, as opposed to the way thnings will be
or the way things ought to be
Interaction of the police with major social institutions
This relationship is reciprocal, they e!ect and in+uence each other mutually
Police agencies and their personnel operate in societies that are dominated
by these social institutions, therefore, similar to other groups and inds, they
are likely to be a!ected by these institutions
Also true that police organizations and their personnel a!ect social
Police and the Family
Family allows for regulation of sexuality
Police o/cers share in the lives that society prescribes for all of its members
and the resultant joysof happiness of weddings, births etc –hard to be
o/cers with a family
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