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Chapter 9 PS
Police Subculture
Culture: consists of the total way of life of a society
Material Culture: all the objects and inventions devised within and for a shared
culture. Ex: homes, the cross, football stadiums etcetera
Nonmaterial Culture: all intangibles of a culture such as language, customs, values,
norms, principles, scienti#c formula etcetera
Subculture: consists of certain material and nonmaterial aspects of a way of life
associated with a group in society that is di$erent from the parent culture
Parent culture: the dominant or most powerful group in a society
Solidarity: social cohesiveness of the police subculture that expects police o%cers to
stick together and help each other out as members of the same team under all
Isolation: sense of self-di$erentiation that pervades policing which If taken to its
extreme and w/o balance provided by countervailing experiences results in police
o%cers feeling that they are separate from every other group in society
Police Academy: school where o%cers learn on the job techniques prior to receiving
full police powers
Field training: a probationary phase in which a more experienced police o%cer
guides the trainee on day to day routines and practical procedures that members of
the department are expected to follow and carry out
Subcultures arise due to many reasons
People who migrate to a new country adopt some of the cultural practices of
the new country while keeping some of their home lands values
Subcultures can be associated with activities such as sports EX: NASCAR
racing fans
Regional or local subcultures
They can develop around carrying out criminal activities EX: juvenile gangs
Can be related to occupation or professions EX: Neurosurgeons
Characteristics of the Police Subculture
Most authors believe police subculture is created out of a sense of self-
di$erentiation from the public and in a smaller extent from their own
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