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SOC 4010 Reading "I Challenge You"

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

I CHALLENGE YOU By David A Tomlinson National President 19842007y If you dont like the idea of allowing qualified women as well qualified as RCMP constables to have and use handguns I challenge you to offer a better solution to the problem of women being attacked by violent criminalsy Severe gun control laws take legallyowned firearms away from lawabiding owners who register their firearms They dont take any firearms away from any violent criminalswho do not register their firearms do not buy firearms from legal sources and do not get involved in any of the paperwork and restrictions that you and I have to put up with y The government is disarming the victims y Personally I have long been convinced of the intelligence and good character of womeny If a female RCMP constable who has no criminal record is proficient with a handgun and knows the relevant laws is not a menace to society then I see no reason to regard any other woman with the same qualifications as a menace to society I personally respect her knowledge proficiency and standards y I do have a deep loathing for a bureaucrat who refuses to issue a woman a type 3 authorization to carry on ridiculous grounds The grounds that he can use under regulations issue
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