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SOC 4010 Reading Rounding up the Guns

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

Rounding Up the GunsNational Review OnlineJohn Lottfoxnewscom contributerTuscan shooter Jared Lee Loughner wasnt marked a prohibited possessor when he bought his gunLott isnt outraged its impossible to flag everyone who might possibly become a criminal He wsant a convicted criminal just had an arrest record was never involuntarily committed Background checks are ineffective erroneous Even if he was deterred he still would have found one Background checks do nothing to prevent those with intent no academic studies have found that they reduce violent crime9mm glockmost common Useful for enclosed spaces moves slower so safer for those outside the home Made to kill peopleBanning guns from civic events would be ineffective it would only ban spontaneous contact that congressman feel is important Federal AssaultWeapons Ban When it expired people expected a massive violent crime wave every category of violent crime has fallen Those 6 states with the ban remaining saw a smaller drop than those without it No research to su
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