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SOC 4010 Reading Armed and Female

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

y I have knowingly risked my career more than once to testify for women in a world where I was a firearms instructor dependent on cops coming to me for training and I was testifying against police departments that wrongfully fired female officers for not qualifying with their departments maleoriented guns holsters and shooting techniquesy the handgun has been called in American lore the equalizer There is truth herey It is not a choice of being predator or prey A lot of people miss that y No The ideal is to be the sheepdog You did not come with intent to harm You came with intent to protect If the wolf approaches your flock you will bark to warn him off If he comes closer you will threaten with your more aggressive presence And then if he is stupid enough to attack you will do what instinct tells you to do to a predator who is trying to tear your lambs th
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