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SOC 4010 Reading Gang Chic

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University of Guelph
SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

Gang ChicPopular Culture and the Glamorization of Gangs The prevalence and scope of mass media in our lives has stimulated debate polarized people into two camps o Powerful effects The effects of mass media are immediate significant and sometimes harmful Media projects falsecontrived images of reality into consumers minds can lead to copycat behavior A media stimulus invariably provokes a response humans are malleable creatures prone to the hypodermic effect of powerful and ubiquitous media messages Media must be controlled subject to censorship o Limited effectsMedia can and does influence people but its not the primary basis for a persons actions or beliefs Other factors determine how media message is interpreted Media stimulus doesnt create a response in isolation its filtered by a persons unique life circumstancesImpact is hotly contested as far as youth crime is concernedstreet gang problem is fueling it General belief Media especially violent video games and gangsta rap glorify gangsterism and stimulates impressionable young people to adopt the lifestyle and violenceDifficult to prove the video game critique research doesnt clearly support the hypothesiswe need to look beyond simplistic notions to manifest socioeconomic causes If violent video games are prohibited we might as well ban things with a proven correlation to gang behavior like unemployment innercity social housing projects and families headed by poor single females Most disturbing element of these games is not their violence but the associated discourse that links the fictional violence in these games to actual violence on the streets in whats become an
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