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SOC 4010 Gun Control Readings
SOC 4010 Gun Control Readings

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University of Guelph
SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

Media Silence is Deafening About Important Gun NewsFox NewsArmageddon never happened after the ban was sturck downNational media has been silent about thisAround the world whenever guns are banned murder rates riseThe regulations that still exist in Washington and Chicago primarily disarm the most likely victims of crime Advocates of gun ctorl say the ban cant be tested unless its nationwidepoints to island nations with no neighbours to blame have seen increases in murder rates YouTube Debate2 Intelligence US Moderated by John DonvanABC NewsJohn Lott Police are the most important factor in reducing crime but they always arise too late People need to be educated about the good uses of guns All mass shootings take place in gunfree zonesR Gil Kerlikowske Police chief Criminals arent that smart wont be deterred There are already lots of guns out there How many actually carry their guns Hard to conceal uncomfortable Simple solutions are usually the wrong solutions Far more cases where the gun wont protect you eg misjudging selfdefence Stephen Halbrooke You should have freedom of choice to protect yourself Right to bear arms from the American Revolution people can dissuade tyranny Used to be our responsibility to deter criminals and stop crime weve disintegrated into a society where we dont help anyone Government only has the responsibility to respect society at large not individualsuseless ndconcept maybe you would like the legal duty to protect yourself 2 commandment Hurricane Katrinaneighbouring community armed themselves and kept the peaceJohn J Donohue III DC ban was only for handguns could still have other kinds DC was depopulating in the 70s especially the affluent so the rates were trending up because the people remaining were a
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