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SOC 4010 Cold Comfort Reading

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

Cold ComfortJohn Lott Senior researcher at Yale did a fellowship at University of Chicago which is endowed by John Olin who is the chairman of Olin Corporation which makes ammunition Is his piece More Guns Less Crime funded by the gun industry Violent crime drops when states switch from discretionary permit politices to right to carry lawsEvidence is hard to follow econometrical The level of deterrence is related to the probability that people are going to be able to defend themselves and the rate at which people get permits canges over time When you pass these laws not everyone is going to get a permit on the first day Doesnt expect the crime rate to drop the same in all placesLawabiding citizens carrying concealed handguns will save livesBiggest drops in crime among women and elderly poor areasAll these states are changing their laws at different times hard to think of a leftout factor that just happens to be changing in all these different states at the same time the righttocarry laws were implemented Critics Used tiny counties with trivial rates of crime skewed the resultsShallissue laws are especially effective at preventing mass shootingskillers have intent to harm others need to take that away from them and reduce their incentive with the fact that there might be a citizen there to stop themMore crimes are averted by people who defend themselves iwth a gun Res
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