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SOC 4010 Reading On the Front Lines

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

On the Front LinesPoliceWhen it comes to street gangs the prevailing approach is prevention intervention and diversion be damnedlets just suppress the immediate problem and then think about a long term solution thats likely going to percolate for years to comeGang suppression mistakes tend to produce a larger gang problem than would have been the caseneed to pay attention and hold our public servants accountable for the strategies our communities will be subjected to3 groups of officersplainclothes detectives to spring into action reactive gang hunters proactive rankandfile officers middle groundBiggest change in policing is the move from incidentbased professional policing to community policingo rofessional Reactive rapid response maintaining law and order through an authoritive presence Ineffective in a growing city o Community Active members of the community empathy and problem solving Proactive Problem Acculturation The enduring belief among officers is that their job isnt crime prevention but the acquisition of criminals Policing doesnt attract these peopleOttawa Police Youth Centreinternationally acclaimed 1100 young members smashing successimpossible to get officers to work shiftsBroken Windows Theory Preventing vandalism and antisocial behavior is to fix problems when they are small so that they dont escalate and respectable citizens dont flee neighbourhoods Major crime would be suppressed Stricter law enforcement is key Ba
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