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Chapter 3

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STAT 2060
Peter Kim

Chapter 3- Probability Events, Sample Spaces, and Probability Experiment- occurrence of observation that leads to unpredictable outcome Sample point- the most basic outcome of an experiment Sample space- of an experiment is the collection of all sample points Probability Rules for Sample Points: Let pirepresent the probability of sample point 1. All sample point probabilities must lie between 0 and 1 (ie. 1≤p ≤1) 2. The probabilities of all the sample points within a sample space must sum o 1 (ie. ) Probability of an Event: determined by summing the probabilities of the sample points in the sample space (each sample point(s)) Event- collection of a sample point(s) Simple event- consists of only one sample point Compound event- consists of more than one sample point Steps for Calculating Probabilities of Events: Step 1: Define the experiment; that is, describe the process used to make an observation and the type of observation that will be recorded Step 2: List the sample points Step 3: Assign probabilities to the sample points Step 4: Determine the collection of sample points contained in the event of interest Step 5: Sum the sample point probabilities to get the event probabilities Combination Rule: (binomial coefficients) A sample of n elements is to be drawn from a set of N elements. Then, the number of different samples possible is denoted by and is
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