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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 1000
Andrew Robinson

Stephanie Oliveira 1 Week 8 Page 386-391 Defining Racism: “Can We Talk?”  Stereotypes, omissions and distortions all contribute to the development of prejudice.  Prejudice: a preconceived judgement or opinion, usually based on limited information.  Cultural racism: the cultural images and messages that affirm the assumed superiority of whites and the assumed superiority of people of colour.  Internalized oppression: When a member of the stereotyped group may internalize the stereotypical categories about his or her own groups to some degree. Racism: A system of advantage based on race.  David Wellman defines racism as a “system of advantage based on race.”  Another definition of racism, commonly used by antiracist educators and consultants, is “prejudice plus power.” o Problem? Has little personal relevance. For some, their response to this definition is the following, “Im not really prejudice, and I have no power, so racism has nothing to do with me.” Most white people can see that there are advantages to being white in the US.  White privilege: The systematic advantages of being white  Beneficiary of racism: a system of advantage based on race  Belief in a just world: When we all think that we deserve the good things we have received, and that others too, get what they deserve. Racism: For Whites Only?  People of any racial group can hold hateful attitudes and behave in racially discriminatory and bigoted ways.  Active racism: the image of a racist is a hood-wearing Klan member or a name-calling Archie Bunker figure.  Passive racism: more subtle and can be seen in the collusion of laughing when a racist joke is told, of letting exclusionary hiring practices of unchallenged, of accepting as appropriate the omissions of people of color from the curriculum and of avoiding difficult race-related issues. Page 400-401 Tired of playing Monopoly?  In the US, they are reluctant to recognize class difference.  This denial od class divisions functions to reinforce ruling class control and domination.  Old bootstraps theory: that some were born with silver shoe horns. Female- headed households, communities of colour, the elderly, disabled, and children find themselves living in poverty. If hard work were the sole determinant of your ability to support yourself and your family, surely we’d have a different outcome for many in our society.  The myth of the classless society- ambition and intelligence are responsible for success. The myth conceals the existence of a class society, which serves many functions. o One of the ways it keeps the working class and poor locked into a class-based system in a position of servitude is by cruelly creating false hope. o Another way: by creating enough visible token so that oppressed persons believe they, too, can get ahead. o It also keeps the middle class and up
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