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University of Guelph
Women's Studies
WMST 2000
Martina Meyer

Women’s Studies - Week 4 January 29th, 2014 - concepts of women’s bodies- and the development of different things with that concept - painting from 1488 - she is framed in, and ‘no access to the outside world’, placed on public display - her body becomes a sign, her virtue is contained and protected (included clothing) - she is idealized and dressed in her best - female propriety - ornament-a --> ornaments her husbands home by virtue of her qualities - her husband can clothe her and dress her in such jewels - “Woman as Ornament” Slide Renaissance Beauty --> the artifice of realism Artifice meets realism (starts in renaissance) - anatomical dissection led to new accuracy (especially in muscular) in depicting musculature and the form of figured - mathematics helped develop the laws of perspective to position those figures into a believable landscape - chemistry blended new pigments to enhance their impact (like make up). Not the most realistic (especially skin colour and pigment) 1562 Statue of St. Bartholomew Martyr Linear Perspective - School of Athens Painting - horizon line and a vanishing point - create an architectural study - creating the illusion of 3D - you want realism but at the same time, idealism Titian- Venus, oil on canvas subtle skin tones, more realistic Venus Anadyomen,ebrought to Rome by Augustus, 1st C CE - rising out of the water - idealized elongated proportions - unrealistic but still has a profound - realism vs ideas of beauty Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, 79 CE (transition to womanhood,14 y/o seeks comfort) - slender, elongated body Boticelli, Birth of Venus, 1486, detail - illusion of airbrushed beauty - Venus is fabulously beautiful - the only time you see a nude, is with Eve, up until now - based on Greek sculpture of the ‘Modern Venus’ - Born of the sea - impossible kind-of pose - is very linear - defies space - de-emphasize deep space and create a sense of pattern and beauty - leads us to “divine beauty” - not a sense of ‘realistic space’ here - Venus is idealized feminine-based principle (‘perfect female body’) - “Janus” - two-faced (Neoplatanic view) - two on the left - ‘rape story behind it’ - ‘story of rape that comes to this expression of love’ - through this image - delving into this story of lack of consent to achieve this absolute beauty. “Marriage was a sort of rape”. The woman must please her husband to get to this divine
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