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Chapter 2

ANTH 1210 Chapter 2: Topic 29

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

OS82 o Mixed diet fruit, tree gum, insects, small animals Some species are more specialized than others Lorises and Tarsiers Survived on mainland by exploiting new niches Nocturnal Roam at night while predators asleep Eat plants and insects slow movement Lorises African and SE Asia mainland Resemble lemurs, all nocturnal, grooming claw on second toe cleaning of fur and teeth, for themselves and other lorises, young are concealed in nests Tarsiers SE Asian Islands Borneo and Philippians One genus left Tarsius Closer to other primates than Lorises and Lemurs Have closed eye orbits Closer biochemical taxonomy Nocturnal Large eye , locate prey in dark, specialized night hunters Hunt by stealth slow movement Insectivores Locomotion extremely elongated hind limbs Especially ankle region, tarsal bone Huntescape prey by leaping, pounce on prey Can turn head 180 degrees Digits end in platelike adhesive discs SubOrder Anthropoids Divided into 2 infraorders Catarrhini (old world) Platyrrhini (new world)
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