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Chapter 2

ANTH 1210 Chapter 2: Topic 28

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

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c82 heterodont = different types incisor slicing canine piercing premolar grinding molar mashing o Prosimians 3133 (ICPMM) = 40 teeth lose PM1 o modern humans 2123 (ICPMM) 8x4=32 mammal 3143 (ICPMM) 44 teeth teeth are strongest part of body (most evidence) Prosimians Suborder Divided into 3 infraorders Lorisiformes Lemuriformes Tarsiiformes Lemurs Survived in relative isolation (Madagascar) Separated from Africa early Little competition, could survive easily Oldest relic of past o Least humanlike Changes little in 50MY of evolution Show ancestral features Reveal earliest stages of primate evolution Many species Adaptive radiation, 50 living species Large size range (rat sized nocturnal insectivores, chimpanzee sized herbivores, largest humansized extinct 2000 YA) Retain number of preprimate anatomical features Rhinarium o Long tail o Tactile whiskers on face Claw on second toe of foot Grubs out of trees
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