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Chapter 3

ANTH 1210 Chapter 3: Topic 39

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o82P males do not interfere with each others activities male fitness no longer determined by ability to fight, but by ability to attract and hold a large group of females allows very str ng malefemale and multi male relationships important implication for primate evolution severa groups may participate in foraging for food permits more effective exploitation of environment cooperation not com on Hamadrya baboons of Ethiopia Chimpanzee Social Behavior Closest to humans Local roup is multimale group (and multi female) Males organized accord ng to dominance biggerstrongerintelligent Change in dominance rank, r rely violent, depends more on size of display The louder the display, the great is the respect won Hedonistic behavior (touchyfeely) More than any other except humans Hedonism To reassure each other to great extent o Embrace, touch, pat, greet, groom Dominance not relat d to female accessibility and breeding Females will mate with any adult male, high or low rank Females signal sexual receptivity Choose who they want to mate with Incest never observed
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