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Chapter 3

ANTH 1210 Chapter 3: Topic 36

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

c82 Tails as props birds, dinosaurs No other mammal has this peculiar kind of alternating walk Erect spin Freeing of hands for manipulation Weight falls on hind limbs Pelvis and legs brought beneath trunk Ilium is shortened Increased length of hind limbs Increased thickness of hind limb bones Flat feet loses g asping ability, not opposable (big toes) Human did not pass through a knuckle walking stage Human line diverg d from ape line before knuckle walking developed Digestive System How and what an animal eats, how it feeds itself This determines how natural selection will affect it Omnivores Most primates are omnivorous Wide econiche and habitat range Fruit, plants, meat, insects Some are more specialized Narrow econiche and habitat range Leaf eating Colobus monkey confined to upper canopy of forest Gorillas are primarily vegetarian Narrow econiche ranges: Specialist adaptation o Few environmentshabitats Susceptible to change in environment Easy to go extinct Wide econiche range Many environmentshabitats o Generalist adaptation Can change environment High likelihood of survival 2 examples of specialized dentition
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