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Chapter 3

ANTH 1210 Chapter 3: Topic 37

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

O982 o combines 2 extremes seen previous Sensory System How information is received and processed about the environment Handlingtouching, vision Other senses smell, taste, hearing Vision stereoscopic vision (lines of sight from eyes overlap) o Can see depth Evolution of stereoscopic vision Preprimate not present Early primate begins Late primate highly developed Handling objects Grip tactile, sensitive o All primates have opposable thumb All primates EXCEPT humans have opposable big toe Smell decline of scent sense Social System how an animal relates to others if its same species 6 basics types of social behavior emphasize the ecological adaptation and reproductive strategies of group behavior noyau w en each male and female have own territory each leads solitary lives territory of each male overlaps with that of several females with whom he mates no other males or female allowed to intrude upon territory adaptation to types of food hunted if food is spread out in forest, so much predator be spread out found mostly among nocturnal, insectivorous Prosimians most primitive form mostly found Prosimians tarsiers, bush babies, pottos also higher primates
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