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Chapter 3

ANTH 1210 Chapter 3: Topic 35

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

c82 Primitive patterns Thorax narrow Long tail for balance Mobile upper limb joints Long and prehensile digits New patterns Equal length limbs Horizontally held trunk Shoulder joint allows some lateral motion SemiBrachiators Use arms for support Tend to leap more than branch runners Trend toward less quadrupedalism Chest broadening Back shortening Shoulder blade modification of shape for suspension Arms and fingers lengthened Forelim more mobile wrist, elbow and shoulder Brachiation E.g. S Asian Gibbon Classic Brachiator Move by brachiation (hand over hand) Move beneath branches Never run quadrupedally Climb using all 4 limbs Run bipedally on ground and top of branches Entire anatomy designed for hanging Long and powerful arms Loss of external tail for balancing Arms longer than trunk and legs combined Hooklike hands with long, curved bones Advantage = can reach upper canopy of tree, exploit new niche Knucklewalkers Gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan Advantage = very effective locomotion in dense jungles, dont get tangled in underbrush Habitual Biped E.g. Humans Only living primate which always walks bipedally
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