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Chapter 4

ANTH 1210 Chapter 4: Topic 43

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o98P o BP = before present (0 BP = 1950 AD, starting point for counting back, first dates published) o AD Anno Domini the year that our lords reign began on earth o BC before Christ o CE Common Era BCE before Common Era (no 0 BCAC) Year Jesus was born Died 29 AD, Born 4 BC (33 years old) Date of birth = not Dec. 25 Major pagan holiday of Europe Born in spring (early March) No shepherds in mountains in winter C14 Range of Error Statistical dating technique All dates given with + or (1000 BP +100) 1 standard deviation probability of distribution 1 SD = 68, 2 SD = 95, 3 SD = 99 Probability Distribution 1 SD +100 years 9001100 BP 68 probability 2 SD +200 years 8001200 BP 95 probability 3 SD +200 years 7001300 BP 99 probability C14 can date anything organic = anything living Wood, bone, shell, skin Dendrochronology A.E. Douglass (1901)
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