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Chapter 5

ANTH 1210 Chapter 5: Topic 57

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ANTH 1210
Haskel J.Greenfield

o982 2.51.5 MYA East and South Africa Cranial Characteristics Enlarged cranium High forehead Thicker cranial bones that Aust. Face small relative to vault size o Opposite in Aust. Larger brain (average of 700 cc) Post Cranial Characteristics Hands better drip, reason for name (habilis) Pelvis angle where femur connects to hip is slightly different o Accounts for widening of pelvis o Allows larger headed baby to pass through birth canal Legs posture and locomotion substantially different from modern humans, but more advanced that Australopithecus Origins of Cultural Behavior Stone tools Hallmark of new level of intelligence Homo habilis = first to use stone tools Paleolithic Divisions Lower = 2.5 MYA125000 YA Middle = 12500035000 YA Upper = 3500012000 YA Lower Paleolithic Core tools predominated 2 cultures o Oldowan pebble chopper o Acheulian handaxe What is a tool Means of transferring energy from one object to another E.g. fulcrum, hammer and nail Who makes tools
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