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Chapter 3

ANTH 1220 Chapter 3: Topic 26

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

o82 3 geni = Pongo (orangutan), Gorilla, Pan (chimpanzee) We are closer to Gorilla and Pan (more recent common origin in Africa) Pongo Genus (PrimatesAnthropoidsCatarrhiniHominoidaePongidaePongo) Habitat: SE Asian Islands Features: arboreal, prehensile feethands, sexual dimorphism (sagittal crest) Diet: leavesfruit 1 species: Pongo pygmaeus 2 subspecies Gorilla Genus (PrimatesAnthropoidsCatarrhiniHominoidaePongidaeGorilla) Habitat: Central African rainforests Features: quadruped, knucklewalking, rarely climb trees, bipedal when displaying emotions (chest thumping), sexual dimorphism (females weigh 13 less, sagittal crest) Diet: fruit, plants, little protein Use simple tools Diane Fossey Small groups dominated by silverback (includes a few females and offspring) Male offspring driven out at maturity Pan Genus (PrimatesAnthropoidsCatarrhiniHominoidaePongidaePan) Chimpanzee Habitat: Africa mixed woodland, forest (drier than Gorillas) Diet: diverse (plants, scrounging and occasional meatinsects) Hunting, cannibalism Jane Goodal 2 species = troglodytes (common, 3 subspecies) and Paniscus (Bonobo, 1 subspecies) Hominoid = all apes and all humans Hominid = Humans, African apes and ancestors (great apes) Hominin = Humans and human ancestors ONLY Hominini = Humans and chimps
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