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Chapter 5

ANTH 1220 Chapter 5: Topic 40

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

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c82 o Piltdown relationship Dubois hides fossils from view Even from supporters Vindication in 1925 China ChouKouTien (site) Excavators (Davidson Black and Franz Wiedenreich) o Similar, interpreted as same species from Java From Australopithecus to Homo temporal Chronology of Pleistocene Lower = 1.9 MYA to 730 000 YA (first half of lower Paleolithic = 2.5 MYA) Middle = 730 000 YA to 125 000 YA (second half of lower Paleolithic = 125000 YA) Upper = 125 000 YA to 10 000 YA (Paleolithic = 125 12 000 YA) Homo Erectus (2 MYA 250 000 YA) Homo erectus immediate successor to Homo habilis Homo erectus chronology 1.5 MYA 250 000 YA oldest specimen o east Africa (1.78 MYA) early African fossil example ER 3733 (1.6 MYA) Dmanisi, Georgia (1.8 MYA) New date range 20.5 MYA o species overlap with homo Habilis
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