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Chapter 5

ANTH 1220 Chapter 5: Topic 43

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

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S82 (EXAMPLES OF CONTROLLED FIRE) New developments in subsistence Hunting First big game huntin (new niche) Torralba and Ambrona Strategic location of migration of game animals Bog at bottom of valley Come to drink Remains of lots of large game found Acheulean industry found Cut marks of bones Hillside above bog site Fire grassland above bog Terra Amata, France Nice, French Riviera, near Alps, cold Glacial episode Alternating layers of sandy layers Either side of sand dune Preserves post mold Circular post pattern Surrounded by stone cobbles Central support post Fire pit in centre Protects from drafts, prevailing NW wind Size of hut, average 4.5x9m = 40.5 sq. m 3 m sqperson roofed area (HG standard) 13 people stone tools Oldowan New technology spears Gathering Whole range of plant foods Homo erectus Successor Homo habilis (direct descendent) Larger brain = more intelligent than habilis Associated with Acheulean tool industry Relied heavily upon cultural adaptations
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