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Chapter 25

BIOL 1010 Chapter 25: Topic 25.3

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

o98729 Bio 1010 Abirdusesenergyfromitsfoodtogeneratebodyheat&hasthickinsulatingcoat ofdownfeathers.Ageckodoesn’tgenerateownbodyheat,butmaintainsafairly constant body temperature by basking in the sun or resting in the shade. Homeostasis: steady state. Conditions may fluctuate widely in the external environment, but homeostatic mechanisms regulate internal conditions, resulting in much smaller changes in the animal’s internal environment. Both birds and mammals have control systems that keep body temperature within a narrow range, despite large changes in the temperature of the external environment. The internal environment of an animal always fluctuates slightly. Homeostasis is a dynamic state, interplay between outside forces that tend to change the internal environment and internal control mechanisms that oppose such changes. Module 25.15 Negative Feedback: change in some variable triggers mechanisms that reverse to change. Example: set the thermostat at comfortable temp = SET POINT sensor in thermostat
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