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Chapter 25

BIOL 1010 Chapter 25: Topic 25.5

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

lP98729 Bio 1010 Salivary glands: deliver saliva through ducts to oral cavity. As a reponse to sight ot smell of food. Presence of food continues this stimulation Saliva: contains several substances important in food processing. Bolus: made from tongue manipulating good and shaping into a lubricated ball – bolus . Pushed to back of oral cavity and into pharynx by the tongue while swallowing Esophagus: muscular tube that conducts food by peristalsis. Usually from pharynx to stomach Stomach:mechanical digestion continues here. Powerful churning motions of the muscle layers mix contents of stomach Chymeismadeinstomachwhensolidfoodyouingestwithgastric juicesforming a liquid material Gastric juice- stomach secretes this—made up of protein digesting enzyme, mucus and strong acid. Interior surface of stomach is highly folded and has gastric glands. Gastric glands have 3 types of cells Mucous cells-secrete mucus which lubricates and protects stomachs cells lining Parietal cells- secrete both hydrogen and chloride ions into stomach lumen Chief cells- secrete pepsinogen, an inactive form of enzyme pepsin Gastrin: a digestive hormone that stimulates the secretion of gastric juice Small intestine:longest section of alimentary canal; principal site of the enzymatic hydrolysis of food macromolecules and absorption of nutrients . Also completes digestion of protein begun in stomach Parts of SI Duodenum-chymefromstomachmixeswithdigestivejuicesfrompancreas,liver and gallbladder Pancreas: produces pancreatic juices. Juice is mix of digestive enz
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