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Chapter 25

BIOL 1010 Chapter 25: Topic 25.7

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

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R98729 Bio 1010 Chapter 27- Gas Exchange -hemoglobin binds oxygen and transports it throughout the body 27.1 -gas exchange make it possible for you to put to work the food molecules the digestive system provides. -3 phases of gas exchange in humans and other animals with lungs -breathing: As you inhale, oxygen (O2) diffuses across the cells lining the lungs and into surrounding blood vessels. At the same time, carbon dioxide (CO2) diffuses from the blood into the lungs. As you exhale, CO2 leaves your body. -transport of gases by the circulatory system: The O2 that diffused into the blood attaches to hemoglobin in red blood cells The red vessels in transport O2- rich blood from the lungs to capillaries in the body’s tissues. The CO2 is also transported in blood from the tissues back to the lungs carried in the blue vessels. -exchange of gases with body cells: Your cells take up O2 from the blood and release CO2 to the blood. The gas exchange occurring as we breath is called respiration. -the gas exchange occurring as we breathe is often called respiration. -cellular respiration requires a continuous supply of O2 and the disposal of CO2. -gas exchange involves both the respiratory and circulatory systems in servicing your body’s cells. 27.2 -the part of an animal’s body where gas exchange with the environment occurs is called the respiratory surface. -respiratory surfaces are made up of living cells, and like all cells, their plasma membrane must be wet to function properly. -respiratory surfaces are always moist and must be large enough to take up sufficient O2 for every cell in the body. -gas exchange takes place by diffusion -the thin,
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