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Chapter 28

BIOL 1010 Chapter 28: Topic 28.7

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

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c78 Bio 1010 Chapter 30 Reproduction Two principle modes of reproduction are Asexual and Sexual The creation of new individuals Animals reproduce in a variety of different ways Asexual Reproduction The creation of offspring by a single parent, without the participation of sperm and egg Common in Invertebrates It is a genetically identical offspring of the parent Without the fusion of an ovum and sperm Types of Asexual Reproduction Budding - A new individual is created from outgrowths of parent, once it buds off (splits off) it lives independently. Fission - The separation of a parent into two or more individuals of about equal size. Fragmentation - The breaking of the parent body into several pieces followed by regeneration which is the regrowth of lost body parts. Advantages Allows animals that live in isolation as well as animals that are immobile to produce offspring without having to finding a mate. Enables an animal to reproduce many offspring quickly. As well no time or energy is lost in the production of eggs or sperm Disadvantages The offspring is identical to the parent, it allows for the reprod
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