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Chapter 27

BIOL 1010 Chapter 27: Topic 27.10

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

R98729 Bio 1010 29.3: Glands: Hypothalamus: ormones released by the posterior pituitary and hormones that regulate the anterior pituitary Pituitary Gland: stimulates contraction of uterus during labour and ejection of milk from mammary glands, promotes retention of water by kidneys. Anterior Lobe: stimulates growth and metabolic functions, stimulates milk production and secretion in females, stimulates production of ova and sperm, stimulates ovaries and testes, stimulates thyroid gland, stimulates the adrenal cortexx to secrete glucocorticoids Pineal Gland: involved in rhythmic activities (daily and seasonal) Thyroid Gland: stimulate and maintain metabolic processes and lowers blood calcium level Parathryoid glands: raises blood calcium level Thymus: stimulates T cell development Adrenal gland: increases blood glucose, increases metabolic activies, constricts certain blood vessels Adrenal Cortex: increase blood glucose, promote reabsorption of NA+ and excretion of K+ in kidneys Pancreas: lower blood glucose and raises blood glucose Testes: support sperm formation, promote development and maintenance of male secondary sex characteristics Ovaries:stimulateuterinelininggrowth,promotedevelopmentandmaintenanceof female secondary sex characteristics, promotes uterine lining growth Hormones have a wide range of targets, sex hormones, which promote male and female characteris
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