FMLY 1010 Chapter 14: Topic 10

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

o88729 In order to avoid going from fulltime work to fulltime retirement Baby boomers expect to be retired for 20 years or more (much longer than previous generations) Wealth builder (31) intend to spend spare time finding new ways to make money Anxious idealists (20) would like to do volunteer work and give money to charity Although they have insufficient economic resources to do either Empowered trailblazers (18) expect to spend time travelling, taking classes, doing volunteer work Believe they are financially secure enough to achieve their goals Stretched and stressed boomers (18) in deep financial trouble, well aware of it Leisure lifers (13) intend to spend most of their time engaging in recreational pursuits and are geared toward early retirement (mid50s) Only approximately 2 have saved enough money to fulfill desired plans Chapter 17: Physical and Cognitive Development in Late Adulthood (Pg. 485) Variability in Late Adulthood Gerontology: scientific study of aging Life Expectancy and Longevity Maximum life span is around 120 years May be universal genetics process that triggers agerelated declines and limits the lifespan From 20062011: over 65 population grew by 14.1 Young old: 60 75, old old: 75 85, oldest old: 85 + (fastest growing subgroup of senior population) Octogenarian: person in 80s, centenarian: person over 100 More elderly women than men, but gap is narrowing At birth: boys live till 78.8, girls 83.3 Both increase as person gets older but women still ahead Tendency to live long life is inherited 2030 of longevity accounted for by genetics play bigger role once we get older Theories of Biological Aging Senescence: physical changes and declines associated with aging Hayflick Limit: Showed that humans have limited lifespan, divide then stop o Specific to each species Telomeres: (pg. 488) o On tip of chromosomes, length decreases with age (each divide) o Once too short, death or disease follow quickly Telomerase:
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