FMLY 1010 Chapter 13: Topic 6

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 Stage between intimacy and generativity called career consolidation (use term career loosely could be stayathome momdad) = Creation of new social network for which middleaged adults primary work serves as a hub Needs: contentment, compensation, competence, commitment Also another stage after generativity vs. stagnation, called keeper of the meaning = Focus on preserving the institutions and values of their culture that they believe will benefit future generation Religionartshistorical preservationpolitics Participation in new institutions motivated by desire to ensure survival of institution Want to give something to the institution (not trying to get something from it) MidLife Crisis: Fact or Fiction? Term popularized by Elliot Jacques (1960s) **occurs in mid 40s At the time, landmarks in life consisted of: finishing school, going to work, retiring, and dying Midway between school and death was a change in persons time perspective Shifts from time since birth to time until death Feel sense of urgency to close gap between what one expected to accomplish and what one already has Nowadays the progression from end of secondary school to adulthood is much less clear and much less universal Engage in lifelong learning o Generally hit milestones later on in life **challenges the idea of a midlife crisis, we are still achieving new things by midlife, not necessarily declining o (MidLife Crisis study info on page 464) Resolution of crises evolves continuously and cumulatively at least until mid50s *Susan Krauss Whitbourne Eriksons psychosocial crises can be revisited and resolved later on in life Through to 50s, adults generally follow 1 of 5 life pathways: 1) The meaning way life based on low sense of identity Feels lost and was unable to commit to a clear set of goals 2) The straight and narrow path predictability and routine were paramount, risk was avoided 3) The downward slope life started out great, after making some regrettable decision, it took a turn for the worst 4) The triumphant trail early life was a challenge, through inner resilience those challenges were overcome 5) The authentic road a life characterized by selfexamination and redirection to get back on a track toward a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction A Life Events Approach: (464465)
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