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Chapter 1

FOOD 2500 Chapter 1: Subject 1

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Food Science
FOOD 2500
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l Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles Chapter Nutrition Nutrition – The study of the nutrients in foods, how nutrients are used in the body, and human behaviours related to food (text p. ) We need to depend on food for our survival. The food we choose has an impact on our body and our health. Diet Diet – The foods and beverages a person usually eats and drinks Food – Any substance that the body can take in and assimilate that will enable it to stay alive and healthy Carrier of nutrients Anything that gives us energy or keeps us alive … is considered food. Health – The state of a human when it functions optimally without evidence of disease or abnormality “Optimal health for Canadians can only be achieved when greater efforts are made in health promotion and prevention of illness, and when nutrition is an integral part of these efforts” (Health Canada) Nutrition and Disease Prevention Diet influences long-term health outlook Genetics plays important role Genetics and nutrition affect health conditions in varying ways (Fig .) Nutritional Genomics Nutritional Genomics – The science of how nutrients affect the activities of genes and how genes affect the activity of nutrients Figure . in our book We choose to “diet” which affects our health. Nutrition and disease preventio
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