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Chapter 1

HNSC 1200 Chapter 1: Topic 1.3

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Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

Oc98 buy foods in all sorts of different types of packaging (think of the type of package your prewashed salads come in versus the bag that your frozen vegetables come in). 
 Technology also affects our processed foods through the use of food additives, which can be anything from emulsifiers that help the fat to bind to watery food components (think of your mayonnaise – this is how the fat in the oil and egg yolk stays mixed together with the water and vinegar), to the colour stabilizers in the food or the preservatives hat help to keep the food fresh. 
 3. Safety and Quality of Food
 Food science considers all safety and quality aspects of foods before consumed including the following aspects: Food processing and manufacturing 
 Food preservation and packaging 
 Food safety and wholesomeness 
 Food quality evaluation 
 Food distribution 
 Consumer food use and preparation 
 4. Definition of Food Scientist
 • Applies scientific knowledge and technological principles to the study of foods and food components. 
 • Can work in research or manufacturing 
 5. Food Science and Nutrition Research
 Research begins with a question, e.g., what foods or nutrients might protect against the common cold? In search of an answer, scientists make an educated guess called a “hypothesis”. The scientists then systematically conduct research studies to test each hypothesis. 
 The scientific method is the steps that scientist take when trying to solve a problem or doing an experiment. 
 oS82 It is important to find, read and assess previous research that has been done on the topic in question When interpreting research, it is important to take an evidence-based approach, with the gold standard for scientific information being peer-reviewed literature. There are many databases that are available through the University of Manitoba library, which provide access to full-text peer-reviewed journal articles. Ex. PubMed, MEDLINE, and EBSCOhost TABLE 2.2 IN TEXTBOOK • There are many different research study designs: A. Descriptive Studies: can generate a hypothesis, can focus on an individual or a population. Examples include: Population or correlational study: researchers compare data rom entire populations to identify factors that might influence the incidence of a disease in various populations. It is impossible to establish causality though since the whole population is being examined. Also
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