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Chapter 5

HNSC 1200 Chapter 5: Topic 5.1

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Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

c78 3. Water is part of the chemical reaction known as hydrolysis water breaks a chemical bond, splitting the substance into two or more new substances e.g. when starch undergoes hydrolysis to form simple sugars Water acts as an ingredient in some foods (e.g. low fat frozen desserts, low calorie margarines) Water promotes certain chemical changes e.g activation of chemical leaving agents (baking powder, baking soda) let dry these agents do not react. When water is added, carbon dioxide is released which leavens products such as cakes and muffins Water is used as a cleaning agent for food and equipment in food processing, Removes soil, residues and microorganisms depending on the rigour used in washing CARBOHYDRATES LEARNING OBJECTIVES: identify the source of carbohydrates describe the different types of carbohydrates differentiate between the different types of fibre, describe their roles in health, and identify food sources COURSE NOTES: Introduction Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, so are often abbr
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