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Chapter 6

HNSC 1200 Chapter 6: Topic 6.2

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Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

o|82 dry heat methods (e.g., broiling) can impair it 2. Amino acid composition: The balance of amino acids in a protein determines its biological value and nutritional quality. High biological value proteins are ones with ample amounts of all essential amino acids. Low quality proteins do not. Within a single day of restricting essential amino acid intake, the body stars to limit the breakdown of working proteins and reduce amino acid use for fuel to conserve the essential amino acids it currently has. A diet short in any of the essential amino acids limits protein synthesis. In building a protein, no other amino acid can fill another’s spot It a cell building a protein cannot find a needed amino acid, protein synthesis stops and the partial protein is released. These partially completed proteins are not stored until the amino acid is available They are instead dismantled and the amino acids are released back into circulation They are either picked up by other cells, or are dismantled and used for other purposes Protein complementation is the practice of combining two or more plant protein sources to provide a more complete array of amino acids This is important in vegetarian lifestyle Functional Properties of Proteins Learning Objectives: Explain the functional properties of protein
 Discuss the role of enzymes and non-enzymatic browning
 Course Notes: Proteins play important roles in food as well: water binding, gel formation, thickening, emulsion, foam formation (e.g., egg whites, whip cream) and the Maillard reaction
 1. Protein Hydration: The water binding (hydration) capacity or proteins is relate to the amino acid composition
 The more charged amino acids, the greater the hydration capacity.
 Protein molecules can entrap water because of their hydrophilic characteristics (food system – OS98 sausages, cakes and breads)
 Gelatin can thicken products and increase
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