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Chapter 6

HNSC 1200 Chapter 6: Topic 6.3

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Human Nutritional Sciences
HNSC 1200
Snehil Dua

oS82 The name of an enzyme may also describe the reaction that is catalyzed (e.g., oxidase catalyzes oxidation reactions) 
 Enzymatic browning is an undesirable browning reaction that occurs when some fruits and vegetables such as banana, apple, potato are cut and exposed to oxygen
 The browning reaction can be blocked by denaturing the enzyme using heat or by excluding oxygen by covering the surface of the food or by adding ascorbic acid (vitamin C) ◦ SEE TABLE 7: Commonly used methods to inhibit enzymatic browing in foods
 Non-enzymatic Browning 1. Caramelization A series of chemical reactions occur when sugars are heated to temperatures greater than their melting point
 Begins with dehydration and ends with polymerization that yields brown colours
 Dry sugar or a sugar solution are heated until it first melts into a clear liquid and then becomes a smooth, brown mixture
 When the reactions are not too extensive, a desirable caramel flavour and light brown colour results

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