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Chapter 12

PHIL 1200 Chapter 12: Topic 4

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

c78R He accepts this (although his view is not unique, in a way Christ and the thousands of Christian saints had a similar moral view) But this is not a weakness of his position It is a weakness of the common conception It is our views that need to be changes, not Singer’s, which are perfectly rational after all Another objection to Singer B) Asking people for too much, as Singer does, might turn them to the wrong direction and make them refuse to help even a little Even worse, it might lead them to abandon morality altogether (if morality asks me to give all I have to the poor, until they are as rich as I am, I do not want morality at all) A practical perspective Perhaps talk about charity as sugar-coating for a pill that we want people to swallow (out of purely utilitarian reason like those of Singer) C) an objection from economics:
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