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Chapter 13

PHIL 1200 Chapter 13: Topic 7

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University of Manitoba
PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP98R Can’t we just hold people responsible for the kinds of desires they have and not for what they do (since what they do always and necessarily follows from their desires) But then, where did the desires come from? What if they just came from other desires one had no control over Why assume that people decide what kind of people to be Another special problem A version of the problem of evil Theologians view God as the source of everything that happens in the world If that is the case, then people should not be held responsible for their actions, since it was not up to them to do otherwise than they actually did o Action = pre-existing condition (desire) + inevitable law of nature (determination) o If you have a strong desire, you follow it A possible solution to the problem by G.E. Moore The expression “one could have done otherwise” means no more or lessthan“ifonehadchosentodootherwise,thenonewoul
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