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Chapter 12

PHIL 1200 Chapter 12: Topic 2

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP78R deciding about what needs to be done and not about what has been done in the past Motives are a criterion for judging people’s character, not their actions The actions that Utilitarianism prescribes are different from the ones common sense prescribes The anti-utilitarian argument This shows Utilitarianism to be flawed, since the morality it is talking about is certainly not the morality people are talking Two options A) show that – when properly thought of – utilitarianism really prescribes the same kinds of actions (e.g. cheating is bad, in utilitarian terms, because it causes a constant fear of being revealed and further pain for all, once the action has been made known) B) reject the common sense view, and claim that it is based on a misconception of morality as the following of some rules/laws/obligations/rights, when the only thing that moves us, and should move us, is happiness (both our happiness and the happiness of others) Utilitarianism violates personal int
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